Karaga festival restricted to one day

Mysuru, August 28:- The annual Karaga festival at Indiranagar (Ittigegudu) in the city used to attract thousands of devotees every year. But this year, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it turned out to be a simple affair, just confined to the temple.

Sri Renukadeva Karaga Devasthana Trust and Sri Chamundeshwari and Mariamma Karaga was held on Friday (August 28). The usual five-day festival was restricted to one day. Abhisheka was offered to the deities.

In the earlier years, a grand procession used to mark the day from Nagalakshmi Temple followed by Karaga. The five-day grand festival used to be a sight to behold. Karaga used to cover Nehru Circle, Chamaraja Double Road, Narayan Shastri Road, Shivarampet, Mission Hospital Road, Kumbaragiri, Nazarbad, Mysuru Zoo Road but this year, the plan was shelved due to the coronavirus. (MR)



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