Karnataka government failed miserably to present the ground realities in SC: Justice C Shivappa

“The government of Karnataka has failed miserably to tell the ground realities of the state to the Supreme Court regarding the Cauvery issue. The government had given nod to release 10,000 cusecs of water every day to Tamil Nadu in April, but still we had time for three months to resubmit the affidavit as there was not enough rain in the state,” said Justice C Shivappa, retired High Court judge of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

He was addressing the press meet held at Press Club.

“There have been rumours about me that I helped Jayalalitha in cases against her when I was the judge of Madras High Court, which are far from the truth. I was elevated as the judge of Madras High Court in the year 1991 and handled sensitive cases which were hanging swords over the heads of renowned, powerful politicians in cases like illegal mining or granite quarrying. My tenure as the High Court was cut short there as I was in for justice,” he said.

“Miscreants provoked my fellow citizens to hurl stones at my residence for no mistake of mine. It pained me a lot at this old age. The mob that attacked my residence in Pandavpura had no idea regarding what is going on. By attacking people of Karnataka and damaging their property, we won’t get anything from Tamil Nadu but we will be the laughing stock for them,” said Shivappa.

“There are many legal luminaries in Karnataka. We had no necessity to go to an outsider for justice. The government has failed and the coming days will be grave water situation for us. Government could have consulted the legal experts, retired judges of the state to seek suggestions. We only highlighted the drinking water need of the state and did not utter a word regarding agriculture, hospitals and other industries,” said saddened justice.

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