Karnataka reported 26 fresh cases of Covid-19, tally at 642

Health News, State, (Bengaluru), May 4:-With 26 fresh cases of Covid-19, the tally goes up to 642 in Karnataka with 26 deaths and 304 discharges as on Monday (May 4).

Of 26 cases, lion share of 19 cases are from Davangere, two from Mandya, Kalaburagi, one each from Chikkaballapura, Savanuru, Haveri district and Vijayapura.

Patient 615 is 30-year-old man, while, Patient 624 is 49-year-old woman both from Davangere contracted the virus through P-556.

P-616 to P-622, P-625 to P-635 from Davangere contracted the virus through a single source “super spreader” (Super Spreader is a patient who spread the virus to 10 or more people) P-533 and P-623 is a 38-year-old male having history of Influenza Like Illness (ILI).

P-616 is a 52-year-old woman, P-617 is 38-year-old man, P-618 is 32-year-old woman, P-619 is 35-year-old man, P-620 is 32-year-old woman, P-621 is 12-year-old girl child, P-622 is 7-year-old boy, P-625 is 27-year-old man, P-626 is 25-year-old man, P-627 is 33-year-old man, P-628 is 62-year-old woman, P-629 is 34-year-old woman, P-630 is 20-year-old woman, P-631 is 22-year-old woman, P-632 is 6-year-old boy, P-633 is 70-year-old man, P-634 is 42-year-old man and P-635 is 11-year-old boy from Davangere a source of P-533.

Patient 636 is 30-year-old man from Chikkaballapura is a contact of P-586, while, two cases are from Mandya reportedly contracted the virus after visiting Mumbai is P-637 and P-638 are 20-year-old woman and 19-year-old woman respectively.

P-639 is 32-year-old man from Savanuru, Haveri tested positive for the virus with a history of travel to Mumbai.

P-640 is 62-year-old woman from Vijayapura is a secondary contact of P-288, while, P-641 is 36-year-old woman from Kalaburagi is a contact of P-604 and Patient 642 is 37-yaer-old man from Chincholi, Kalaburagi test positive after visiting Hyderabad as per morning media bulletin from Health and Family Welfare Services Department, Government of Karnataka.


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