Kasaragod team happy with movie success

Mysuru, September 8:- “The aim of Sarkari Hiriya Prathamika Shale Kasaragod is to give a message to not close Kannada schools as students should be allowed to learn in their mother tongue. We have succeeded in our efforts,” said the director of the movie,  Rishab Shetty here on Friday.

He said that they wanted to make the audience think over the issues being screened in the movie and said the movie is getting a better response even in the 3rd week.

“Kasaragod is an emotional issue for Kannadigas. Many people who were not talking about Kasaragod have now started to speak and write. We wanted to make people of the state know the plight of Kannadigas in Kasaragod. Kirik Party and Ricky are completely different from this. I wish to give something new in every movie,” Rishab said.

“It was a challenge to make a movie with children than with the stars. The movie is being screened in 150 theatres and the numbers will go beyond 200 in coming days. Theatres screening only Tamil and Telugu movies have also come forward to screen our movie. It shows the success the movie has seen,” he added.

Child artists Sampath, Ranjan, Mahendra, executive producer Pramodh Shetty were present. (MR/KMR).

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