Kashmiri duo makes low-cost multipurpose ventilator, seek govt help in mass production

Prime News, National (Srinagar), June 3:- While the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world, it has also pushed innovators to come up with new technology. One such case is that of two engineers, Sajid Noor and Jehangir Ahmad, in Srinagar’s Buchpora area who have come up with a low-cost ventilator.

The ventilator will not only provide oxygen supply to a COVID-positive patient but will also help in monitoring the ECG, temperature and saturation via remote access.

“If we talk about COVID that started over a year ago, the scarcity of the ventilators was the first thing that got highlighted all across the world. As far as medical research is concerned proper ventilation is the only way to save critical patients. This research struck our mind and we took an initiative to design a low-cost ventilator that will give 10-12 ventilations per minute to patients. It will also keep surveillance of patients by monitoring the ECG and temperature,” said Jehangir Ahmad.

The main purpose of this ventilator is to make it cost-efficient so that poor can afford it too, he added.

Now the innovators are asking the government for help in developing these ventilators so that they can reach the market.

”The model for us is a multipurpose, low cost, economical and portable ventilator. Besides giving air to patients, it can also monitor all the live conditions of the patient whether it is ECG, oxygen saturation, temperature which a doctor can access via a mobile phone from a remote location. We have used an open source app to visualise all the parameters. When it comes to the market it will cost around Rs 10,000 to Rs 15,000. We need support from the government so that this product can come to the market,” said Sajid Noor. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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