Kate Hudson’s sons are musical

Actress Kate Hudson says her children — Bing and Ryder – are of musical nature.

Hudson talked about her children on the popular TV show “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, read a statement.

“They are both musical. I think Bing is more of a daredevil than Ryder. Although, Ryder does love sports. But, Bing’s like the one you got to be careful with. He is already skating off ramps. Yeah, he loves skateboarding,” Hudson said.

Hudson, who will next be seen in “Deepwater Horizon”, further shared that her mother, actress Goldie Hawn shares her sons’ photographs over social media without asking her.

When the show’s host Ellen DeGeneres shared a photograph of Bing, who she calls a daredevil, Hudson got surprised and said: “Where did you find that picture? Where is that picture from? I bet it’s from my mom’s Twitter. Because my mom tweets pictures of my kids’ without asking.”

DeGeneres instantly responded: “No, I was on a ladder looking over your fence.”

The episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” featuring Hudson will be aired on Friday in India on Romedy NOW.

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