Keep an eye on suspicious transactions: DC Jain

Mysuru, April 20:- Deputy Commissioner Darpan Jain has instructed the officials to have an eye on suspicious transactions and transactions beyond the prescribed limits as code of conduct is in place in view of Karnataka Assembly polls slated for May 12.

He held a meeting with election expenditure watchers at the Deputy Commissioner’s office auditorium in the city on Thursday.

“Traders should possess proper receipt for their trade. Invoice should be a printed copy. It should have GST tin number and the address of seller and buyer. Have an eye on the accounts having transactions more than Rs 1 lakh. Give information to the nodal officer if anyone has a transaction of more than Rs 10 lakh,” he informed.

Balakrishna Yadav, Piyush Kumar Yadav, T V Vamsidhar, Drubha Jyoti Roy, Pariswamy M, Prashanth Singh, Arul Nandan, Abhishek Kumar, Commissioner of Police Dr A Subrahmanyeshwara Rao, Superintendent of Police Amit Singh, District Election Nodal officer K B Prabhuswamy and others were present. (KS, NGB)

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