Kite maker helps patients with change

Globally-acknowledged kite maker, V Krishnoji Rao from Bengaluru helped the patients at K R Hospital, who were struggling for small change to buy medicine, thanks to demonetisation.

Rao, who came to K R Hospital on Sunday, praised the demonetisation of notes and urged the public not to blame Prime Minister Narendra for the move. “I am inspired by the PM’s move. I am giving change to the patients to make them not to curse Modi,” he said.

He had brought notes of Rs 100 worth nearly Rs 1 lakh to distribute. He said that he would give the change to the tourists who are from foreign countries. He handed over the change to the patients who showed him the receipt for getting admitted to the hospital.

His friends Chandrashekhar, Niranjan Rao Kadam and Santhosh accompanied him in his good cause.

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