Kodavas celebrated Kail Pod

Kail Pod (kaili Mahurtha), a festival of arms celebrated was with traditional fervour and gaiety in the city on Sunday by Mysuru Kodava Samaja and Kodagu Gowda Samaja.

This is one of the three main festivals that are observed by the people in Kodagu, Kodavas in particular, symbolising Ayudha Puja.

The Kodavas, who had gathered in large numbers,  worshipped Goddess Lakshmi and welcomed her in the form of grains by reaping the new paddy crop. 

Dressed in traditional costumes, the Kodava men and women, young and old, performed dances like Kolaat, Bolkaat, Kathiyaat, Kappeyaat, Pareyakali and Ummathaat.

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