KPSC: Karnataka pilferage and scam commission!

The number of skeletons tumbling out of the KPSC makes it apt to be renamed as Karnataka pilferage and scam commission. The grotesque auctioneering of posts can be accompanied by an official list of

prices to be paid and with increase in the value maybe the government can also earn “revenue”. Soon IPL betting and KAS exams will be a punter’s arena with not much of a difference. Humour apart, it is

pivotal at least now to dismantle the rogue body.

Let the exam and other modalities be conducted by UPSC itself and the recruitment of candidates done along the roster and reservation system in the state. As some news channels have also pointed out some optional have fetched excessive returns putting the sanctity of the second tier of examination itself in doubt.

The recently announced results of the gazetted probationers examination 2014 by KPSC comes as a shocker. With many candidates from the local medium scoring exuberantly one wonders if this is an

extended university board exam or the spectacular form of a champion test cricket batter.


A few electives have yielded monstrous returns for the candidates and instead of encouraging diversity amongst aspirants it has turned into a game of Russian roulette. When an inevitable comparison is made with big brother UPSC it reveals a yawning chasm in the standards of question papers prepared and the

quality of evaluation.


From the beginning this exam seems to have been tainted with question paper leaks and the members of the KPSC committee facing allegations of impropriety. Given the shady past of the commission and

the skeletons that keep tumbling out of the closet often it would be best to scrap all the results and order a fresh examination.

The Hota Committee report lies in tatters and scaling of optionals remains a pipe dream. UPSC won’t rid us of the age/attempts apartheid and KPSC cannot even conduct an exam properly. Public service aspirants from Karnataka are doomed!

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