KR Hospital unable to cope up with rush

Mysuru, June 15:- There is a mad rush of patients to KR Hospital these days. With the arrival of monsoon, it is nothing unusual that people are falling sick in more numbers. Epidemics are on the rise so is the rush to hospitals. Being a government hospital, KR Hospital is the most-sought-after hospital for obvious reasons.

The rush of patients is so much that the hospital is not able cope up with the numbers that is on the rise by theday. While people complain against the hospital for its poor infrastructure, authorities at the hospital say they are helpless. “The number of beds in the hospital can’t be increased overnight. We have to manage with what we have,” is their line of argument.

“Patients from Hassan, Chamarajanagar, Mandya and various taluks of Mysuru come to K R hospital for treatment. Every day 20-25 patients come to hospital with complaints of fever. As such, they have to be admitted for treatment for 5-6 days. Without proper tests, the fever can’t be identified for dengue or chikungunya. When this is the case, how can we admit more patients?” some doctors on duty complain.

The district administration pretty well knows inflow of patients to KR Hospital is always more. Why can’t they approach the concerned minister for help? Is it not the duty of the district administration to look into the never-ending problem prevailing at the KR Hospital? (MR, KS).


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