Big Movie – Krishna Rukku Review

RATING: 3.5/5

CAST: Krishna Ajai Rao, Amulya, Lekha Chandra, Girija Lokesh, Shobraj


GENRE: Romance

DURATION: 2 hours 17 minutes

MUSIC: Sridhar V Sambhram

Krishna and Rukmini are cousins, living in a small town, always fighting in their oneupmanship games. Deepis down, both have a strong bond of love. But, do they realize this in time? This is the fourth in the Krishna series, which stars Krishna Ajai Rao. While the first three have been original stories, which featured the happy-go-lucky common man prototype Krishna, this one has a similar role for Ajai, albeit it being a remake of the Telugu hit Uyyala Jampala. The story, setting and characters are all familiar, yet the cinematography, music, performances and treatment ensure the viewer walks out satisfied. The story is all too familiar, two cousins, one rich and other not as much, are always at each other’s throats. The story, with due credits to the original scriptwriter, has just the right amount of humour and romance, without unwarranted tracks spoiling the flow of this love story. The climax may seen a tad prolonged, but that can be forgiven considering that films of this genre merit that amount of drama towards the end. The music and cinematography are major highlights.

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