Krishnajanamana’s book ‘Bilada Haadi’ released

‘Bilada Haadi’ written by Krishnajanamana was re­leased on Sunday at Bhoom­igeetha . Releasing the book, rationalist Prof K S Bhaga­wan said that the book Bilada Haadi, highlights the plight of downtrodden women in so­ciety and how they can be brought to the forefront.

Religions have discrim­inated against women and man has been given a licence by religion to exploit them in society, he alleged. The book explores how women should fight such blatant discrimina­tions imposed against them by the male dominated so­ciety.

Though ours is a civilized society talents of women are not given their due recogni­tion to keep them backward, he said.

It is unfortunate that a civilized society still promotes women based on their caste instead of their genuine tal­ents, he accused.

Rangayana artistes Saro­ja Hegde, Geetha Montadka and writer Krishna Janamana were present.




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