Kudos to ISRO

Continuing its successful launches, ISRO, for the first time, could send 8 satellites into two different orbits in one go through its workhorse rocket PSLV from Sriharikota (Andhra Pradesh) launch pad. Well done Team ISRO for this achievement. The satellites sent through this longest mission of PSLV include a weather satellite (SCATSAT-1), 2 designed by students of Indian academic institutions, three from Algeria and one each of Canada and US (Pathfinder-1), which were placed in the respective orbits in just 2 h 15 min at an altitude of 725 km. We should feel proud that we could send a satellite of a developed nation like the US through our rocket. The weather satellite can help to forecast weather and cyclones. This launch enhanced the marketability of PSLV. So far PSLV has launched 79 satellites of 21 foreign countries. ISRO may do many more remarkable achievements in the coming future.
Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

Be cautious
When you are alone and see a biker approaching you, take safety precautions of covering the neck, reach a safer place, do not allow the person/s come near, shout for help, carry a whistle attached to the chain and blow it. If you can fight, see if it is safe for you to do.
J raghu, Mysuru

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