Kumaraswamy govt must curb rising power bills as consumers get shocks

Prime News, Karnataka, Mysuru, June 7:- “The monthly electricity bill to the domestic consumers is growing every year without any concern for the poor and the middleclass consumers. The hike in power rates when Karnataka Electricity Board (KEB) managed was not as much as the present rates after the CESCom took over. In the name of decentralisation, the state government has washed off its hands by handing over the management to the ESComs,” says K V Ramanath, a consumer activist.

“The various electricity companies like the BESCom, CESCom and others in the state have no social responsibilities of serving the poor, but have their eyes fixed on increasing their profits only so that they can earn higher emoluments. At frequent intervals the power rates are being enhanced without the consent of the consumers. All formalities before enhancement of the rates like publishing the proposed enhanced rates of power in newspapers, calling the customers for a meeting to discuss and give their consent, are not being followed and blindly increasing  the rates even though there is objection for such an enhancement.”

“The ESComs which normally do not pay heed to any of the consumers requests against the enhancement, which they consider it as a mere formality and blindly hike the power rates, the numbers of members attending such meetings has come down. Similar is the position at the grievances meet arranged at periodical intervals which is attended by very few.”

Further Ramanth says the “ESComs have enhanced its power rates from May 2018 which we can observe from the bill of June just received. I was getting monthly bill of Rs 700 to 800 up to March, but the present bill has reached Rs 1000 with a huge leap, which a poor middle class family can ill afford to pay.”

“If the new Kumaraswamy government is really interested in serving the poor and middle class consumers, it should immediately reduce the rates for domestic consumers and instead look for recovery of any pilferages/leakage of revenue apart from charging extra from the big industries as a relief measure. Any further increase in power rates for the consumers would aggravate the already burdened masses and this is not a healthy sign in our society,” adds Ramanath. –(NGB)


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