Kuvempu literature follows the ideologies of Sarvodaya: Saraswathi Boralingaiah

Mysuru, January 12:- Sri Ramayana Darshanam Vachanabhinaya event was organised at Sri Nataraja Women’s First Grade College here to mark the 50th year of Jnanapeetha award for the Ramayana Darshanam.

“When we observe Kannada literature, 10th century can be referred to as the era of Pampa. 12th century as the era of Vachanas,15th century as the era of devotion and 20th century as the era of Kuvempu. It is not easy to call a time of poet. When Kuvempu started writing as a student, it was a complex time. The industrial revolution, colonialism, British administration and misunderstanding between the kings due to the interference of the British were seen everywhere. Kuvempu studied all the greatest kinds of literature of the world. He introduced newer dimensions of literature to the readers of Kannada. His writings were of Sarvodaya ideology. His story, Dhanwantari Chikithse explains the present problems of farmers,” said Saraswathi Boralingaiah, the chief guest.

Theatre director M Ganesh Udupi, G Prasada Murthy, special officer of Sri Nataraja Prathishtana Prof K Sathyanarayana and others were present. (SH, MR)

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