Labour unions protest against Centre’s anti-labour stance

Mysuru, September 25:- The Joint Committee of Trade Unions (JCTU) on Friday (September 25) staged a protest against the Centre’s anti-labour policies.

The JCTU members, who had gathered near the deputy commissioner’s (DC) office here, said “The central government is trying to amend many of the labour laws. The government managed to get it passed in the Rajya Sabha. This was done without any discussion in the House. The entire labour class is totally against it. The proposed amendments are out to weaken the rights of the labourers. The move will only help employers to harass their employees.”

The protesters said, “The proposed amendments are not labour-friendly and have been passed to help the capitalists. The entire labour class will be left in the lurch. In this background, we ask the Centre to shelve the plan.”

H R Seshadri, Balajirao, Arun Kumar, Chandrashekar Meti and others were present during the protest. (MR/KS)

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