Lack of civic sense

The photo taken on 2nd November at 8.30 am on Bogadi road near Bisulu Maramma temple road cross (close to the KEB substation of AIISH) clearly indicates the lack of responsibility of the citizens of the cleanest city of our country. Citizen also should take the responsibility to make the system 100% foolproof.  In this case, the resident concerned should have arranged to put it in a dustbin or should have handed it over to the pourakarmika of the concerned ward, instead of throwing it on to the main road. Instead of this,  they dump it like this and making the area ugly and eyesore. When will we change? Who has to come and teach us not to do so?  If everyone joins hands, cities can be kept clean always even without any award. 

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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