Lalit Modi, Mallya to start ‘The Art of Leaving’

Days after the former billionaire and ‘son of the soil’ Dr Vijay Mallya fled to London – the asylum for Indian scammers and loan defaulters – reports have them that Mallya along with the veteran scammrt Lalit Modi of IPL fame is planning to venture into a spiritual business.

The duo is planning to return India in a new avatar to start ‘The Art of Leaving’ – a spiritual venture with minimal investment and maximum returns. According to sources in England, LaMo will have a major intellectual contribution while Dr Mallya will manage money for the start-up.

“Spirituality my friend is a business that offers maximum returns and requires minimal investment. People might not have money to buy kingfisher but they will manage money to offer at hundi. That’s the power of spirituality,” Dr Mallya told this reporter over phone. “This is the only business where one could expect continuous gains without any fear of incurring a loss as you do not have to pay the taxes either,” he added.

Explaining the concept of ‘The Art of Leaving’, Dr Mallya said that the word ‘Leaving’ means whatever money we have belongs to God. It has never belonged to us. Money is the reason for squabbles, war, enmity and hence it should be abandoned to acquire peace.

Asked on how he will manage money for the start-up as he is already bankrupt, Mallya smiled and said, “A friend in need is a friend indeed. I am sure the media bosses have not forgotten help, favours, accommodation that I have provided to them over several years which are documented. Now it’s their turn,” he said probably hinting at them as potential loan providers.
The duo has identified a land in Gujarat and is in talks with the Gujarat Chief MinisterAnandiben Patel. “We are confident of getting land at around Rs 20 per square feet on the banks of river Narmada,” Dr Mallya said, adding, “The start-up would be a fillip to Make in India project and hence we are expecting subsidised loan from the government. Once we get the ball rolling, donation will start pouring in which will be exempted under 80G,” Dr Mallya said.

He further said that it was important for a spiritual start-up to be started in India as the business has more business potential.

Centuries from now, the true Indians will have one more thing to boast about. People will proudly say that ‘The Art of Leaving’ originated in India and western countries are benefitting spiritually from it – Dr Vijay Mallya

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