Land encroachment row: Police assaulted

Police and other officers were allegedly beaten up when they tried to evict encroachment on the gov­ernment land recently in Benagalu village.

30 guntas of land which was allotted to construct a water channel in 4,449 acres of government land bearing survey number 30 in the Benagalu village panchayat jurisdiction was encroached upon by Krish­na Nayak son of Deva Nay­ak, a resident of Narayana­pura village.

Krishna Nayak used to object against those who protested against the land encroachment by him. Be­ing aware of the issue, the villagers with the help of tahasildhar, chief secre­tary and sub-registrar filed a case against him and the court has issued a notice to evict the encroachment.

When Bylakuppe Sub Inspector Muddu Madev, revenue officers tried to evict the land encroach­ment. Krishna Nayak and his relatives had heated conversation with the po­lice officers and stopped them and allegedly beat Madhu Kumar a police constable and Swamy the jeep driver. Later with the help of villagers the en­croached area was evicted and those who tried to stop and assaulted the officers were arrested.

Sub Inspector Muddu Madev, police personnels Madhu Kumar, Swamy, Har­ish, Venkatesh, Sowmya Priya, Papanna, revenue of­ficer Mahesh, Survey Officer Narayanaswamy and others were present.

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