Language expert Shastry calls upon youths to read Kannada literature

Hailing the rich heritage of Kannada language and literature, language expert Prof T V Venkatachala Shastry on Monday called upon the youths to start reading Kannada literature at an early age.
He was speaking after inaugurating a workshop on Kannada (Abhijatha Kannada Patya Vachana and Adhyayana Tarabethi) organised by Classical Kannada Study Centre, CIIL at its premises.

He said that Kannada is one of the oldest languages in the world. Kannada literature is rich because of poets and social reformers who wrote epics and vachanas. With great history, even modern Kannada literature is also very rich. But the problem with the language is we have failed to popularise poets like Pampa in 10th century. Today, youths hesitate to identify themselves with their language which makes me feel bad. We must take efforts to fill this vacuum, hence, workshops and language training programmes should reach the youth. Every child should start reading Kannada literature right from the childhood which will surely make them feel proud of their language.

Further terming the works of Kannada writers as a cultural and intellectual asset to the country, he lamented that we have failed in taking Kannada language together with our culture. “By introducing our language and culture to others, we will grow. The interest to learn Kannada language has not taken a back seat, there is a new breed of youth who aspire to learn Classical Kannada, which is appreciable,” he added.

Classical Kannada Project Director, Professor P K Khandoba, President, Zilla Kannada Sahithya Parishath Dr. Y D Rajanna, Dr G Vijaya Sarathi Deputy Director CIIL were present.

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