Law students prefer desk jobs: Justice Ajit J Gunjal

More law graduates must take lawsuit but today most of them prefer desk jobs in law firms, said former High court judge Justice Ajit J Gunjal.

He was speaking at the inauguration of 15th National Corporate Law Moot competition organised by JSS Law College here in the city on Friday. He said, “Hundreds of young lawyers are leaving the profession and joining law firms and companies, this will directly impact the standards in legal profession and the quality of justice. The future of legal profession depends upon the juniors, a lawyer in the first few years of his career will not be in a position to make his ends meet, one of the main reason why brilliant young men are attracted to the legal profession is their incapacity to tide over this difficult period.”

“A lawyer should never interrupt the judge when he speaks, a hurried reply may lead the advocate into a trap, an advocate shout not lose temper if the judge doesn’t not reach his expectations,” he suggested.

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