Leadership and Management Lessons from Dr Seema Rao and Deepak Rao held

Mysuru, September 09:- During training of more than 15,000 elite Indian forces for the past 20 years there was lot of obstacles but I managed to overcome it said Seema Rao India’s first and only women commando trainer

She was speaking during ‘Leadership and Management Lessons from Armed Forces by Dr Seema Rao and Major Deepak Rao organised by CII-Yi Mysore Chapter in partnership with Namma Mysuru Foundation and BN Bahadur Institute of Management Sciences, Mysuru recently.

She briefed about her stint as trainer along with her husband Major Deepak Rao.  Even after endless troubles in her life, she chose to never give up. Even when she and her husband were facing monetary issues they never started charging money for their training. Her training demanded travelling to some of the riskiest areas and because of her work commitments she even had to miss her father’s funeral. She has trained many units including BSF, Navy, ITBP, NSG Black Cat commandos and several other academies for the past 20 years.

“All of sudden when my husband told to shoot an apple which was kept on his head, I didn’t knew what to do but he instilled confidence in me and I was bang on target in shooting the apple which was kept on my husband head. We should be little cautious because that is very important don’t just blindly jump or get into something, think a little bit and go ahead.  Our journey started with unarmed combat and later armed combat, later shooting, counter terrorism and special operation. Keep improvising and don’t be happy wherever you are, keep innovating, I started by training police and later armed police state police paramilitary force, and special force. Later we decided to bend down our thoughts, so we came out with books and given to home and defence ministry and we sent it to FBI also. Our book was received very well. We also gifted our books to forces for which we didn’t charge. We used our own earning for the books, we are very proud it was even appreciated by Interpol and FBI. Nothing is ever lost in trying, but its sad if you don’t even try. Open your mind there will be many obstacles at that time, greater the obstacles, create energy in you” added Seema.

I am combat ready for market place but not physically combat ready, combat rediness in real sense help us in work space as CII predominantly focus more efficient in work space, looking at seema’s record one lesson that I learnt its fundamental to lead by example and here is a couple for the nation represents all that is true

Arjun Ranga, Chairman, CII Mysuru during his remarks said that the sacrifices that they have made to stand by what they believe in makes them truly inspirational and for us there is no better way of learning then to understand folklore understand stories and here is the story right in front of us that has actually lived the life that we all dream that we can. Many a times we talk about if only I could make a difference if only I could do something, here is a couple who stood up and made a difference in the world. They fought for what they believe in and they made that change in themselves and whoever they touched. We bring this platform what we believe will make a small change for all of us here. At our levels should take up few stories from what they have done and try to represent it at whatever level to make small difference in our life and collectively we make big difference for our society

Major Deepak Rao who also spoke on the occasion said “I am better known as Seema Rao husband, its matter of pride to me. British left us long range battle where as we modernised battle at closer range.  We invented and patented a method shooting at closer quarter, that method went to army curriculum.

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