Lecture on Buddhism and Indian Constitution held

The contribution of Dr B R Ambedkar in the framing of Indian Constitution is a well-known fact. He compre­hended Buddha’s love for humanity and wished to in­corporate freedom, equality, fraternity and social justice in the constitution opined Prof D Dominik of Kannada Re­search Centre, University of Bengaluru here on Saturday.

He was speaking after inaugurating a special lec­ture on ‘Buddhism and In­dian Constitution’ organised by Dr B R Ambedkar Study, Research and Extension Centre to commemorate Buddha Poornima.

Addressing the students he said that the issues we are facing today – of intoler­ance, is part of an effort to fan the flames of fundamen­talism. Some vested interests are trying to bring religion in every act that thus creating the worst effect on society. It creates a divide between the so called majority and the minority. Buddhism pro­motes love for humanity and tries to establish freedom, equality, fraternity and so­cial justice. Being a follower of Buddhism Dr Ambedkar incorporated these into the Indian constitution.

Addressing the gather­ing, he said that Buddhism intends to raise questions regarding life, emancipation of man, freedom from old val­ues and answers questions on the real purpose of a re­ligion. Hence, in the present times we need to urgently adopt Buddhist principles to create a better society.

Further he said that after Dr B R Ambedkar embraced Buddhism he wrote a book named Buddha Matha Dhar­ma for which he had asked for financial assistance from Nehru but did not get any to publish the book. But the Nepalese government has made the book mandatory for students.

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