Lecture on ‘Teachers effectiveness in shaping students’ held at Mahajana

“Youngsters have an enor­mous potential, teachers have the responsibility to channelise their potential in the right direction. Therefore a teacher needs to be ef­fective in shaping students” opined Dr Prahallada, retired, Associate Professor in Edu­cation from RIE recently.

He was speaking after inaugurating a lecture on ‘Teachers’ effectiveness in shaping students’ organised by the Total Quality Manage­ment — HRD Cell of SBRR Mahajana First Grade Col­lege.

Dwelling on the concept of a teacher’s effectiveness, Dr Prahallada, defined a teacher as one who wields a large influence on the stu­dent and therefore to be ef­fective, the requisite qualities are capability, knowledge updating and preparedness. It is a combination of interest and effort that leads to teach­er effectiveness. A teacher should also be self motivat­ed and inspired to perform better in the class added the speaker.

Drawing attention to the changing picture of the role of a teacher and a class­room, the educationalist said that though the concept of a teacher has changed from teaching to facilitating learn­ing in the present millennium, the concept of classroom has not changed. Even today it is in the ratio of one is to many. Classroom is no lon­ger a knowledge shop where students are buyers and teachers are sellers.

Today’s scenario re­quires a more constructive approach in this context Dr Prahallada suggested strate­gies for a teacher to perform effectively in the class. The speaker said it is essential to have a democratic approach in the classroom. Thus there is freedom to ask questions. A good teacher is one who can develop an inquisitive­ness in students.

Principal Prof K V Pra­bhakara, convener of TQM­HRD cell Prof Mary Eapen, faculty and students were present.

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