Lecturers show the way for failed PU candidates

In these days of cut-throat competition and crave to earn more money, we still find a few Good Samaritans coming to the rescue of students, especially the students who have been unsuccessful in clearing their annual examinations.

A group of likeminded lecturers working in Government colleges have been successful in their mission to bring happiness among young students who were on the verge of going into depression following failure in the examinations.

Some of the failed second year Pre-University course students who had the privilege to attend short term free tuition classes at the Government PU College for Girls in city between May 29 and June 29, expressed full confidence of passing the supplementary examinations which is being held from July 1 to13. Around 125 students availed the supplementary tuition classes, offered by lecturers of Government PU Colleges.


The students who attended free tuition classes for supplementary examinations are all from Kannada medium with rural backgrounds. Students from Mysuru, Hassan, Mandya and Kodagu districts have been attending free tuitions every year.

Notably, the students fail in the examinations like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology due to their weak command in English. Hence, they are unable to understand science and commerce subjects, says one of the teachers who has been offering free tuitions for the failed students.  

Psychological aspect

“One more psychological aspect is that the students, who do not perform well academically develop inferiority complex when compared to above average performers in the classroom. The performance of high performers in the classroom leads to negativity among poor performers, therefore, they consider themselves as incapable of doing well in examinations. Such syndrome fuels poor performance in academics and they continue to remain weak in studies. Besides, such students never like to mingle with intelligent students.

However, the failed students converse well with each other while attending free tuition classes and they happily gel well as they share their thoughts. Meanwhile, this platform is not just meant to coach the students to pass out in the supplementary examinations, but also enhances their morale. Many of the students, who availed the free tuition classes in previous years, have secured engineering seats and have expressed gratitude to the lecturers.

The free tuition classes have increased the confidence level of students and dispelled all their fears on studies,” says Shivegowda Kadanuru, President of Karnataka State PU College Lecturers’ Welfare Association.

The association, Akhila Karnataka Padavi Purva Collejugala Upanyasakara Hitharakshana Sangha (AKPPCUHS) was formed in 2012 to help the failed candidates to clear examinations and to instill confidence among them. Nearly 40 likeminded lecturers have started free tuition classes since 2011.

Shivegowda Kadanuru

Shivegowda Kadanuru
Shivegowda Kadanuru

Recalling his inspiration to take these initiatives, Shivegowda Kadanuru says “We have observed that people often blame lecturers in Government Colleges for poor performance of students. Besides, there are several failed students who have committed suicide and the reports of which have appeared in daily newspapers. In reality, poor students who fail in second PU examinations have expressed their helplessness saying that “Parents who send their children for tuitions pass in the first attempt, especially in science and commerce streams, in-fact, parents who are economically backward can’t afford to send their children to paid tuitions and eventually they fail, as revealed by a poor student. Considering these issues seriously, we started free tuition classes in 2011. We got good response and results in the successive years, we are really happy, satisfied with our work,” says Shivegowda with a smile on his face, and expressed his dissatisfaction on the lawmakers for their lack of concern. It’s the responsibility of the Government to consider such issues seriously and provide free tuition classes for supplementary examinations, so that the students lives could be saved, opines the lecturer of Government PU College for Girls, who teaches economics.



“I got full confidence to face the examinations after attending the free tuition classes. The coaching has indeed boosted my confidence level,” says Reshma N, who attended free tuitions in physics, chemistry and biology subjects.





“Here (free tuition classes) I understood the subjects better. I spent more hours in studies, than in college where I attended regular classes. While in college I spent more time frivolous things. The quality of teaching is more effective. Now I have full confidence to pass the examinations. I am very thankful to lecturers who coached us for a bright future,” says Tejas, who appeared for the economics examination, on Saturday.

The teachers including Rajanna, Ramegowda, Gowrachar, Sarala, Manjunath, Phaniraju, Narayanaswamy, Venkateshaiah, Rajabhakshi have been teaching physics.

Coaching in chemistry is given by Bushra Begum, Mahesh B S, Dr M G Ramananda, Dr Ningaraju M K, Ravikumar, Srinivasbabu, Suparshwa, Srinivasa Hanagudu, Vinod Joshi, K Latha Yelawala, Sumathi.

Sudeep, Udayashankar, Ravishankar, Mahadevaswamy, M L Latha, Prabhuswamy, Rajesh, Nagaveni, Shivakumar, Dr Harish, Chandrashekar, Divya have been coaching the students in mathematics.

Sudhamani, S Doreswamy,  Bhanumathi have been offering their service in biology. E Shivegowda, Venkatesh Kote, Nagegowda, Srinivasa Saraguru, N Jawaraiah teach economics while K M Jagadish, Ramachandra M P, Shivaswamy, Usha, Balaraju M, R H Bhasha teach business studies.

M J Jayanthi, V Shivaprasad, Mallikarjunaswamy have been offering English coaching. M Balasubramanyam teaches Kannada. Kali Prasad and Mahadeva M M train students in political science and Srilatha teaches history. 

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