Legal literacy vehicle launched in city

With an aim to improve legal literacy in the District and make the citizens aware of their rights, Mysuru District Legal service authority gave launch to legal literacy vehicle at court Premises on Wednesday.

A mobile vehicle designed with intent to spread the importance of law and create awareness among public on their rights and legal system was flagged off by Principal District and Sessions Court Judge K S Mudgal. Speaking to media persons K S Mudgal said, “This legal literacy programme will focus on making people aware of their rights. It is the duty to spread legal literacy, but the citizens should also be aware of their rights and this initiative would make relevant at the time. According to a census conducted in 2011, there are over 29lakhs and odd people residing in Mysuru District that comprises 60% of population from rural areas. Though the literacy rate is above 70% in the district, legal literacy is declining and not in a good level. This legal literacy vehicle will travel across various plays in the district for a month that underscores the great importance of legal empowerment of all sections of society.”

“People especially the weaker sections including scheduled castes, scheduled, tribes, other backward classes, minorities and women are not aware of free legal guidance given by the authorities. If the people do not know the law and rights they can’t abide by law. This initiative will focus on empowering legal literacy especially among the rural people and various resource persons will guide the public.” She added.

The legal literacy vehicle will travel across the district from June 22nd to July 25th, covering seven Taluk centres in the district. The vehicle will organise three programmes a day and various resource persons from the legal service authority and other NGO’s will educate people on the basic legal aspects.

President of Mysuru Bar Association B R Chandramouli , Director ODP, Mysuru Staney D’ Almeda and others were present.

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