Leopard intrudes into village; suffocates to death in roadside drainage

Wildlife organisations condemn villagers for taking selfies with body of the animal

Mysuru, July 26:- A leopard aged about 1.5 years died in the city on Wednesday after the foresters launched a rescue operation.

According to the villagers of Jattihundi, a leopard was sighted near the Jattihundi village on Bogadi Road on the outskirts of the city. The anxious leopard on seeing the people hid inside a roadside drainage. The villagers in an attempt to prevent it from escaping closed the drain on both the sides for an hour and later alerted the forest officials.

The forest officials rushed to the spot to trap the animal with a net, but the big cat did not show any movement. When the officials tried to bring a veterinarian to tranquilise the animal, the leopard had stopped responding and was found dead. The forest staff noted that it could have died due to breathlessness as both sides of the drain was closed by the villagers.

Meanwhile, few villagers blamed the forest officials for the death of leopard as they delayed to trap the animal and provide medical aid.

The scene went ugly after few villagers carried the leopard on their shoulders and posed for photographs and took selfies with the dead leopard.

Later, the forest officials took possession of the dead leopard and shifted the animal to Aranya Bhavan here.

Several wildlife organisations have criticised the brazen act of villagers who carried the animal on their shoulders and took photographs. -KK

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