Let Siddaramaiah change his name to Sidda Ravanaiah: MP

Mysuru, March 12:- MP Pratap Simha distributed motor-equipped tricycles to physically challenged from his MP fund at Jaladarshini guest house on Monday.  Rs 12,65,3000 has been spent on tricycles.

Responding to Siddaramaiah’s statement, saying he had given maximum funds for Mysuru, next only to the Maharajas of Mysuru, the MP said, “I am not surprised by his words. It is the nature of Ravana, who was thinking I am, mine, everything is because of me. All these ideas are hidden in Siddaramaiah as well. It is better if he changes his name to Sidda Ravanaiah instead of Siddaramaiah. His Congress fortress will be destroyed by Amit Shah and Narendra Modi. I have brought in Rs 13,000 crore as funds as an MP. Nobody can develop Mysuru the way the Maharajas did. I have an open challenge to Chief Minister. Let him bring people the way they gathered for the Modi rally,” Simha said.

“Siddaramaiah was earlier comparing himself to Devaraja Urs. Now he has started comparison with the Maharajas of Mysuru. Today, Bengaluru drinks water due to the farsightedness of the Maharajas. We got the education, thanks to the university they started. Some time back, Siddaramaiah asked whether Maharajas started Devaraja Market with their money? Now, is he giving the funds from his own pocket?,” the MP questioned. (MR/KS).

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