Let us make use of unexpected COVID vacation

By Pradyu M

Lockdown days have no doubt become a sort of unexpected vacation for many.  These are of course not days for celebration and excitement as a silent killer pandemic is on the prowl and every citizen knows that to save his life, his family’s, his society’s and the nation’s it’s better to stay home and be safe. Now staying at home during lockdown days, initially many found it unexciting, unacceptable and disgusting. Slowly, people have started to cope with the situation.

Many have started using the days in a beneficial manner. Those in the IT profession and various other departments have changed home as their new workspace. Teachers at the university level and secondary sections of schools have begun online teaching keeping themselves in touch with their students and their profession. Artistes, writers and those in the music and dance field have made home as their stage and through multimedia technology getting their talent exposed to the whole world. Those who really wanted to nurture their talent in writing, singing, painting and drawing have got these unexpected holidays as days to polish their skills.

Everyone – young and old – is utilising these days in a good manner. Now coming to the children at home, many fear that by the time this unanticipated and unplanned vacation gets over, they might lose their interest in studies and co-curricular activities. Teachers and parents can prevent children from turning into laggards and idlers. Besides studies and guiding them in fine arts, they can be given tasks daily. They must be made to involve in tasks like helping the elders in daily chores, gardening, cleaning the house and the premises, feeding birds, making masks, preparing a science project on COVID, preparing daily COVID  reports, helping them to make informative audios and videos, guiding them to do light exercises and even boost their mentality with yoga and meditation.

Definitely keeping them involved and engaged in such tasks and activities can make them utilise these days in a wonderful manner. By developing their skills, enhancing their self-awareness and guiding them to be responsible individuals at home, we the elders can truly mould them to be good citizens of the society.

(The author is a regular contributor to City Today)

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