Librarians to stage protest against Minister Sait

Mysuru library supervisors are staging a protest against the Education Minister Tanveer Sait on Tuesday protesting against the negligence of the minister in solving their problems.
The librarians of Mysuru held a meeting at Curzon park on Monday. Speaking to media, the protesters said, “We are requesting the minister to solve our problem since the last 6 months. But he is not responding to our requests. Condemning his behavior, we are staging a protest against him on Tuesday at Freedom fighters’ park in Bengaluru. It is a symbolic protest and librarians from all parts of the state will be attending the protest. If he doesn’t respond in the next 10 days, the protest will be taken to the next level.”
Ravi, Suresh, Madhu, Arun, Nagesh and 25 others were present in the meeting.

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