Library donated to Kalyangiri Government School

Continuing with its commitment to the holistic development of the society, Sunpure in association with Kalisu Foundation donated a library to Kalyangiri Government School on Thursday.

 Senior Journalist Niranjan Nikkam inaugurated the library along with Imran Khan and Hannan Khan, directors of Sunpure. Delivering the inauguration address, Nikkam said, “Books can teach a lot more than any classroom. They open a whole new world. They can boost a child’s imagination, let his / her mind reach the unthinkable and increase their creativity. Both Sunpure and Kalisu Foundation has taken a novel step by providing the students with this amenity.”

 Commenting on the initiative, Director of Sunpure Hannan Khan said, “We at Sunpure always take up  pro-social activities. In fact, a significant part of our gains has been spent on socially relevant causes. Education is inevitable for the development of the nation.”

 Sunpure has adopted five government schools and is working to improve the quality of education in the schools and have partnered with Kalisu Foundation, a Civil Society Organization (CSO) organization that provides high quality education to children studying in government schools coming from low income background, enabling them to maximize their potential and transforming their lives.

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