Library or defecation centre?

The century-old Mysuru City Library is one of the iconic structures of the cultural city. But alas! The same can’t be said about the other libraries situated in the city. For instance, a look at the reading room- cum-library situated on the Pulakeshi road, Mysuru, is an example of the grave conditions of the city libraries. What was meant to be a reading room and a hub of knowledge has been converted into a deserted dust bin and an open public toilet.

Though there is a government school situated adjacent to the library (what was supposed to be a library), the public have taken it for granted to throw garbage and defecate in the surroundings. Girl students of the government school have no choice but to tolerate the disgusting smell and the embarrassment whenever they pass through the library.

A female student of the school, who wished to stay anonymous, told   City Today, “Though students tried to spread awareness among the public through displaying boards, no one seems to be bothered. Since the library has been deserted for a long time, people have taken it for granted.”

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For the current condition of the library, no one can be blamed but the   district administration. “The district administration has also failed to transfer the library into the custody of the department of public libraries. With nobody to take care of the library, it has been deserted and has reached the current stage,” said Department of Public Library, Mysuru division head, Manjunath.

Speaking to City Today, corporator of ward number 42, Ramu said that he has received complaints regarding the plight of the library. “The district administration has decided to bulldoze the old building and construct a new library in that location. Along with a new library, the need for a public toilet also seems to be necessary in this region in order to provide a clean environment for the students and elderly people staying close-by.”

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