Life comes once, live it the way you want to

I have been an avid traveler and have been trying to discover a lot of places; some on my own and some with a group of co-travelers or friends. There is this question that keeps haunting me almost at all times endlessly; “Am I just discovering places or am I in quest of discovering self?”  I have deceived my mind saying that I have found an answer to this question of mine but when the reality hits me; I know that that this is as good as a riddle.

Does travel feed my soul or my body? Do I travel because I want to know more about the places and understand different behavior patterns of people living in different parts of the world or do I travel to seek knowledge? There are boundaries called barriers surrounding us at all times, whether or not it is traveling to different places or while we are leading the journey of our own travel called “LIFE”.

Have we mastered to break those barriers and follow what our heart wants or do we still confine ourselves to those values that mean nothing to us but a lot to others? Travel and Life are two faces of the same coin and we would find a lot of things that are similar between those but we always choose something that is convenient over the unconventional ones.

As we travel, we need to be receptive from all possible ways, likewise; in life, we need to understand what makes us happy ultimately. As we travel, we cross a lot of places, meet new people, but we seldom carry them along with us.  Life is a replica of travel – you take birth, learn a few things and get confined to the social values which we seldom carry while we are buried. Calling ourselves a “TRAVELER” requires a lot of courage and firm belief, free of confusions and determination.  Learn the stability from the MOUNTAINS and kick the barriers like the free flowing WATER and set yourself free as the WIND.  Life comes once, choose to live it the way you want to!

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