Life is a learning process for artists: Janni

Kunchakavya Cultural committee, an art and cultural forum of Chamarajendra Government College of Visual Arts (CAVA) was inaugurated on Friday at their college premises.

Delivering the inaugural address, Rangayana Director H Janardhan said, “Though India is known for his diverse culture and tradition, our people still lack the power to choose what they wish to. Everyone gets an opportunity to choose a path to build their lives, students of CAVA have chosen the creative path in which they can build their career. If we consider any art, say visual art or theatre art, it’s always a learning process for the artist. An artist can understand things happening in the society and express it through the medium of art in a creative manner. A line and shade of an art can bring change among people in the perspective they see and think, in this regard forums like thi will help students to enrich their artistic perspective.”

“Education is an important tool in everyone’s life. How much ever an artist engages himself in the creative world, he must also concentrate on his education that will help him in leading a life. Every artist serves for the purpose of art and society in the same way education caters more knowledge which is also very important in this competitive world. There is always a saying that an artist lacks education or won’t read, we must break that barrier, come out and start reading,” he added.

Later Assistant director of Kannada and culture department H Chennappa said, “Today’s youngsters are busy choosing many professional courses including MBBS, BE, but we are happy to see that more than 250 students have been studying here in one of the prestigious visual art colleges. The college has provided a great platform for the students to get a learning experience, they must make full use of it and emerge as best artists in the coming days.”

Dean of CAVA Basavaraj Musaavalagi, Secretary of forum Naveen Kumar S, Corporator Ashwini Ananthu and others were present. 

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