Light rainfall expected for next three days

The city might experience light rainfall for the next three days. According to the research centre at the Organic Farming Research Station, Naganahalli, Mysuru might get one mm light rainfall.

Though it’s not going to rain heavily, the weather is cool at Mysuru since morning with clouds covering most part of the city. The day temperature is expected to be 30 degree C and night temperature is expected to be 17 degree C. On September 20, the maximum temperature was 30.7 and the minimum was 17.1 degree Celsius.

The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 94-95 % and afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range of 57 to 63 %. Wind speed is expected to be 8 Kmph.

Farmers in the Mysore region have been advised to sow the crops in rows across the slops. This will facilitate better conservation of moisture in the soil. Repair of bunds and water retention structures should be taken up. They are advised to plough the land across the land which is to be spared for sowing of Rabi crops so as facilitate better conservation of soil and soil moisture. Swing of short duration of crops like pulses and millets is recommended.

According to the research station, fodder crops should be given preference. Due to cloudy weather, thrips menace was noticed in the paddy field. To manage this, the farmers are advised to spray 1.5 ml Roger per litre of water.

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