Light rainfall likely in Mysuru District for next 5 days

Mysuru, June 25:- “Cloudy weather and light rainfall is expected for at least the next five days in Mysuru District,” say researchers from Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa at the Organic Farm Re­search Centre of University of Agricul­tural Sciences (UAS) at Naganahalli.

“As forecast received from India Meteorological Department (IMD), cloudy sky and light rainfall is expected from June 26 to 30 in Mysuru District. The day temperature is expected to be 31-32°C and the night temperature is expected to be 21-23°C. The relative humidity in the morning hours is expected to be 80 per cent and afternoon relative humidity is expected to be in the range 60 per cent. Wind speed is expected to be 3-4 km/hour,” stated a press release from N Narendra Babu, research associate, OFRS, Naganahalli. (NGB)

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