Live and let live

Deepavali is a festival of lights, joy and excitement. Everybody, from children, parents and even grandparents celebrate  this festival of brilliance by bursting crackers. There’s happiness everywhere and after everything is done, people retire to their safe, comfortable beds and choose to ignore about the rest of the world. They forget what a devastating effect this festival has on animals and birds. This festival of “joy” is a festival of “misery” to them. The high decibel sound of the crackers not only frightens the animals but also harms their metabolism. Many of them are deafened by the high decibel sound and birds develop respiratory problems due to air pollution caused due to the chemical infested, thick smoke. This not only harms the animals but in turn affects the ecological system of the earth.
So, I hereby request all of you to light lamps and decorate your house with lanterns instead of bursting crackers. I, as a responsible  citizen, want to promote the idea of “live and let live” by providing voice to the voiceless.

 Chandrashekar, journalism student,  SBRR Mahajana FGC, Mysuru

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