Lockdown: Police seize 10 autorickshaws

Mysuru Dasara Exhibition Grounds being readied to be used as market temporarily

Mysuru, March 27:- Though the entire nation is locked down to combat coronavirus, vegetable merchants are saying don’t care to the government and district administration’s instructions. City police have seized 10 autorickshaws for violating lockdown rules on Friday.

The vegetable market on MG Road in the city continued to have sellers and buyers on Friday as well. The deputy commissioner had instructed the market to be shifted on Thursday but merchants and farmers have continued to sell items at the market without obeying the instructions of the district administration.

As many people were at the market, 10 autorickshaws too arrived to take them. The police seized those autorickshaws for violating the rules.

Mysuru Dasara Exhibition Grounds here is being readied to be used as market temporarily. Though the district administration and police department are working day and night to ensure safety, people of Mysuru are not in a mood to understand the grave situation prevailing in the nation. (MR/KS)

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