Lockdowns bring Covid numbers down in states and UTs hit hardest by pandemic

Prime News, National (New Delhi), May 5:- Maharashtra and Delhi, hit hard by the second wave of coronavirus, have seen a weekly decline in active cases. Maharashtra that once carried half of the active caseload burden in India has seen a decline consistently for the second week. Two other big states — Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh — have also seen active caseload burden come down.

The four states have put extensive lockdown measures in place. The reduction is also due to the fact that people have again returned to following the COVID-appropriate behaviour like wearing masks, following social distancing norms and not venturing out of homes unless there is some emergency. We can expect some more respite in the weeks ahead as more and more states going ahead with more restrictions.

In the last 24 hours, Maharashtra saw its active caseload burden decline by 11,446 cases. In two weeks since April 20, the scale of active cases is seeing a plateau in the state. On April 20, the state was burdened with 6,78,198 active cases that came down to 6,76,647 cases on April 27 and 6,59,013 cases on May 4 (today), witnessing a decline of 3% from April 20 to May 4.

Delhi, the second worst-affected in terms of COVID fatalities after Maharashtra, saw its active cases come down by 3 per cent. The national capital had 92,358 active cases on April 27 that came down to 89,592 active cases on May 3. The active caseload on Monday was down by 2,698 cases.

The change has been more significant in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. The active caseload burden in UP saw a weekly reduction of 6 per cent, while Madhya Pradesh, after registering a weekly growth of 28 per cent in the previous week, saw a double-digit reduction of 10.24 per cent.

Uttar Pradesh, the most populous state of India, had seen cases going up in the week between April 20 and April 27 by 46 per cent and we were looking at yet another crisis hitting state that could derail all the efforts India was putting in to prevent further spread of the virus because of its sheer population size, but this week gave some hope when the active caseload burden was reduced by 6 per cent. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).


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