Long way to go

As per recent report released by United Nations UN Organisation on health index of the countries, India is ranked 143 among 188 countries. The ranking is based on the data collected between 1990 and 2015 on number of infant deaths, malaria cases, sanitation level, availability of clean and safe drinking water, nutritious food, poverty, air pollution, climatic changes. India got a score of 42 out of 100  for sustainable development goal (SDG) health performance. We got only 10 points in the area of malaria as a health indicator. The only consolation is that we are close to achieving the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of 42 deaths per 1000 by registering 45 per 1000 in 2014. We scored only eight points for safe hygienic practices. Of these, lack of good sanitation practices in the country is quoted to be the main reason for our position in the list. Although we are able to compete in IT and ST (space technologies) with leading countries of the world, we are unable to focus much on basic requirements of the life such as health, nutritious food, sanitation and hygiene Many diseases can be prevented by following good sanitation and hygienic practices. Insufficient budgetary allocation towards healthcare and lack of sufficient healthcare facilities for a population of 130 crore is one of the reasons for our backwardness in the position. Unless poverty and population are controlled it will be very difficult to improve the condition in this front. Proper steps are need to be taken in this direction to improve our ranking in the list of healthy countries.

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru


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