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Although our city received the cleanest city tag both at national and 4thcleanest at international level (in air quality), we see plastic waste littered everywhere. In this background, banning plastic may be justifiable, which can prevent environmental pollution and other related issues. Total ban may face resistance. It may also encourage smuggling of plastic items from neighboring states and selling in black market, leading to price escalation.  In current day scenario, it is very difficult to survive without plastics. Hence, instead of enforcing blanket ban, recycling of the used plastics, including carry bags, cups, etc., should be encouraged. Non essential items may be banned. Fixing a price for used plastics items and even for new carry bags may automatically minimizes throwing these items onto the streets and demand at shops, respectively. Effective collection of used plastics for recycling is the only way to this issue. This measure may keep everyone happy. People should start carrying their own cloth bags of appropriate size for their needs. This ban, in any case, should not cost our environment by cutting more trees.

Dr S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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