Lyricist Gulzar pens poetic appeal in support of COVID-19 lockdown

Eminent poet-filmmaker-author Gulzar has penned a few lines in his inimitable poetic style, as an appeal for adherence during on the ongoing national lockdown.

In the appeal that he posted on Facebook, he addresses the need to stay at home till the bad times pass. This is necessary, he reminds us, not just to save our homes, locality, cities and nation, but also to save the whole world.

He captioned the video as “Ghar me rahe, Mehfooz rahe (Stay home, stay safe)”.

Gulzar’s appeal in Hindi roughly translates as:

Friends, Tough times are upon us, That we need to survive, Rather, pray that these times pass in haste, Time never stops at a place, For it behaves like humans, Be still And the times shall pass, For these times to pass smoothly, You need to slow down, You need to be detained at home, To be detained is, by nature and spirit, Against human will, But submit to detention this time, It will not just benefit you, It benefits entire human race, This is not just about our homes, locality, cities and nation, It is, happening in the entire world, Before stepping out, Stop, think and go back, Stay at home, stay safe

To tackle the pandemic, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a complete lockdown for 21 days beginning March 25.

-(NAV, Inputs: Agencies)

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