Madigas set deadline on reservation

Mysuru, December 19:- “Madiga community has given a deadline to the state government till December 31 to implement Justice Sadashiva Committee Report and implement reservation for the community,” said the convener of the Union of Madiga organisations, Prasanna Chakravarthy at a press meet on Tuesday.

“If the state government doesn’t fulfill our demands by December 31, we will resort to fast-unto-death in Bengaluru. More than 15 lakh community members, including women, will take part in the protests. This is a final warning to the ruling state government,” he added.

“More than two lakh people gathered in the protest for internal reservation held at Freedom Park on December 11. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had promised to settle our demands at a cabinet meeting some time back but has done nothing so far,” Chakravarthy added.

“The community should be served justice in the coming assembly elections. JD(S) should give ticket to H Govindaiah or Shankar from T Narasipur and BJP should give ticket to former minister Kote Shivanna to contest from Nanjanagud,” the Madiga leader urged.

Govinda Raju, S Ramu, Manu Kotehundi, Venkatesh and others were present. (MR/KMR).

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