Magsaysay awardee T M Krishna feted

“Art should not have any limitations posed. Limitations hinder the growth of the art. Unfortunately there are limitations put for the free flow of music in the recent times. The Karnatak classical music allowed me to grow and become what I am today. I have a commitment with the music. The music in me does not allow me to go beyond this commitment,” said Magsaysay award winning vocalist, T M Krishna.

He was speaking after being felicitated by the SPVGMC Trust in V V Mohalla. He was recently awarded with the Magsaysay award for 2016.

“Music has the power to bring out all the emotions which are deep inside the heart. Music is capable to come up beyond the regimens of the society. Music bonds itself with humanity” he said.

Hundreds of people gathered to get drenched in the singing of T M Krishna.

Journalist Rajashekhar Koti, president of SPVGMC Trust R Vasudeva Murthy were present on the occasion.

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