Maharaja Film Club launched

The objective of the club is to create a platform in cinematics to nurture young minds



While doctored videos have been making a big splash in the national politics and attracting attention from across the globe, students from Maharaja’s College come forward to create better understanding about movies, documentaries and such video clips.

Understanding the drawbacks in communication medium influencing the relationship between human beings in the modern society, the Journalism Department at Maharaja’s College of Mysuru has launched Maharaja Film Club with an objective of nurturing young minds to avoid being misled by vested interests.

The newly launched film club will conduct movie shows and interactions every weekend where participant students can express their views. The initiative may create a good platform for youths interested in the cinematic aspects.

Movies related to social issues, current issues and documentaries connected to historical incidents will be screened by the club. The interaction will not only boost the creative skills among the student community but also help share ideas including social issues, political developments and technical aspects. Experts will attend these events from time to time and give their version on different genres of movies.

“The younger generation is losing interest in the reading culture, heavily influenced by multimedia communication technology which has also resulted in lack of interaction between young minds resulting in misunderstandings among them. Besides this, there is a need to enlighten students regarding what kind of movies they should watch. This initiative hopes to make a positive impact among youths,” said Dr Lohith, a Lecturer from Department of Journalism at the college.

 ” We are always interested in movies – especially entertainment movies which are considered as commercial movies. But this film club will help to understand different movie genres, including award-winning movies and their message to the viewers.” – Ajay, student.

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