Maharani’s College testimony of success in women’s education: Vasu

“Maharani’s College of Mysuru is the college in India that has the maximum number of girl students. Also, a greater majority of students who have pursued education in this premier education institute are in good post,” said MLA Vasu.

Speaking at the Women’s Day celebrations organised by Prajapita Brahmkumari Ishwari Vishwavidyalaya recently MLA Vasu said, “Today we can see many women working in various fields but personally I feel women working in jail or taking in charge at jail is a difficult task to do. Former minister Yashodamma Dasappa has reserved her own house near Cheluvamba Park as hostel for girls and providing free facilities to all those who are in need. Initiatives such as this must be taken to uplift the downtrodden and bring them to the mainstream of the society.”

Later Central Jail superintendent K C Divyashree said, “The struggle and protests waged by women centuries ago have helped the women today to celebrate Women’s Day. However, atrocities against women continue to this day such as dowry harassment, female foeticide, rape and other forms of violence. It is saddening that female foeticide continue to be practiced to this day. Thus against scenario such as this, the need of the hour is to ensure education for girl children so that they can voice and fight for their rights.”

Nruthyalaya Trust Director Dr Tulasi Ramachandra, Ganga Dance School President Dr Hema Prasad, Chief Convener Rajayogini B K Lashmiji, Radha Neelakantha and others were present.

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