Sa Ra Mahesh is panchayat-level politician: AH Vishwanath

Mysuru, June 29:- “My political path ahead is clear. I am in active politics since 40 years. Whichever party I may be in, I love the party. When the party leadership is doing wrong, I have revolted against it. When Siddaramaiah, who was brought to Congress by me did wrong, I revolted against him. I am writing a book named ‘Bombay Days.’ When H D Kumaraswamy and B S Yediyurappa formed coalition government uprooting Dharam Singh government, it was a revolution. If we do the same, it is termed anti-party move,” said veteran BJP leader A H Vishwanath.

He was speaking to media in the city on Sunday (June 28).

“Being a writer, it is my duty to pen down what all happened. This book will be released in 3 languages. I will release the book in Delhi. The book will have all the details of what happened in Mumbai,” he added.

Responding to MLA Sa Ra Mahesh comment that Vishwanath’s political career has come to a tragic end, he said that Mahesh is not up to his standard to respond. He called him a panchayat-level politician.

“Yediyurappa is a leader who stands by his words. He fulfils his promises. I request him not to lose that name. I don’t demand ministerial berth. It is up to him to decide. I request him to use my experience. Politics runs on feelings and faith. If it goes, politics has no value. Political leaders have to uphold it. MLA, MLC post will not change my personality. I will remain the same,” he added. (MR/KS)

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