Mahishasura mock award for Prof Bhagawan

Mysuru, October 8:- Belaku organisation has selected Prof K S Bhagawan for its Abhinava Mahishasura award. The organisation sent a copy of the invitation of the mock event to the residential address of Prof K S Bhagawan.

“Dasara is being celebrated for more than 400 years in Mysuru. It has its own historical and traditional values. We celebrate the day Mahishasura was killed by Chamundeshwari as Vijayadashami. We condemn the so-called intellectuals who oppose such festival,” said K M Nishant of the organisation.

“Bhagawan’s move to observe Mahisha Dasara has hurt our sentiments. Observing the Hindu festival in the name of Buddha is an insult to Buddha and Dr Ambedkar. They are telling fake stories saying Mahishasura was a good king and a follower of Buddha,” he added.

“Looking at Bhagawan’s love for Mahishasura, we can clearly say he is the incarnation of the demon. That’s why we are giving this mock award,” he added.

M N Dhanush, Rakshit, Deekshit, Deepak, Praveen, Sudarshan, Rizwan Sharif, and others were present. (MR/KMR).

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