Mahseer fish should be protected: Steve Locket

Mysuru, February 16:- “Mahseer fish is available only in Kodagu district and Tamil Nadu region. Unfortunately, they are on the brink of extinction. Concerned departments should act immediately to protect the species,” said Mahseer Trust chairman Steve Locket at a conversation held at Mysuru Press Club on Friday.

“More  than 50 research papers have been filed on mahseer fish. These only reflect on the economic use of the fish and not on conserving the species. Our trust has done research on the mahseer fish and the need for protecting them,” he added.

“Katla and other fishes are responsible for the death of mahseer fish. Along with it, the wastes of industries and pollution are also causing the death of mahseer fish,” he said.

“These fish should be left at Harangi Dam and should make sure that the species is not endangered. Katla and other fishes should not be kept where Mahseer fish live,” he added.

Mysuru District Journalists’ Association president C K Mahendra, secretary Lokesh Babu, Dr Manohar were present. (MR/KMR).

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